Client Companies

What to expect from us:

Our focus is to deliver the best professionals who are generally happy at their current situation but are open to listen to an intriguing opportunity.

Our process is focused on quality.

Why do we do this?  

  • To identify the best professionals, who generally deliver value several times their compensation 
  • Align areas of the professional’s quantifiable accomplishments with your company or plant’s key performance indicators.
  • Significantly reduce chance of a mis-hire.
  • We do not post jobs on our website, job boards or social media – only 15% of professionals look for their next career opportunity via the internet. 
  • 50% of job board applicants turnout to be a mis-hire.
  • What do mis-hires cost? 15-24x the professional’s salary*.

Brief Overview of how we help you

  • Engagement (the role, interview process, our detailed process, executing agreement) 
  • Research (internal and external)
  • Recruiting (calls and emails)
  • Presentation and schedule interviews- we only present professionals who have a true interest in earning a role in your company
  • Debrief reports of interviews
  • Offer/acceptance
  • Post offer/acceptance

We offer several service levels to align your role – Senior Executive, Senior Plant Leadership, and Plant Leadership. Depending on the service level, we offer performance guaranties, weekly reporting, and replacement policies.  

Client company and professional  references available.

* Georgia State University, Michael Lorence, The Impact of Systematically Hiring Top Talent, May 2014